“Art is a gate to mystery since the beauty of crafted objects sparks longing for God”


John Paul II

“Each journey

is the script of an opera, where encounter and exchange are its music”  


Rosario A. Boscacci

Attica Art is Rosario and Laura Boscacci’s wink to Bull&Stein’s universal art and, in particular, to  Lisa Pappon’s “good apples”. From Eden’s forbidden fruit to Churchill’s “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, from the Love Goddess of Greek mythology and Snow White’s long sleep, through William Tell’s successful wager, to urban nickname as in New York Harlem’s “Big Apple” and Manhattan’s “Little Apple”, as in Minneapolis “mini-apple”, or as in Toronto’s “Big Apple of Canada”, the apple in its infinite representations reflects the full range of human feelings.


For Rosario and Laura the apple points straight to that secret inner garden where we all still are children at heart. The look on the “Giant Apple” at a round-about (Rolex Center, EPFL, Lausanne), the colorful joie d’être in the heart of an urban plaza (Flon, Lausanne), the innate liveliness of sculpted fruits in luxurious palaces, the fullness of being    and self renewal.


Attica Art, in exclusive partnership with Bull&Stein and artist Lisa Pappon, is an adventure that has it roots in Rosario and Laura’s charitable AClem foundation,, to which it donates its proceeds. Helping orphans in Uganda and Burma by providing food, education, and medical services is a powerful means to reconnect with one’s 
humanitarian inner core. Try for yourself, it really works!